One of A Kind Part 2

When I’m alone and think to myself

I’ve got all sorts of things on my mind

Such as family, friends, work, sports, life

But I believe that I’m one of a kind

As I’ve grown, I’ve learned to understand

That life has its reasons on why I’m here

Whether through the worst or best times

There’s a reason why, but sometimes never clear

I’m humbled to be alive and hope to live a while

I plan for a bright future, but I live for today

Because whatever I can get done now

It will help reach my dreams in every way

Dreams of showing how unique I am

From what I can do to who I am and could be

The talents are there, they won’t go away

Because nobody else could possibly be like me

I’m just one of a kind, a diamond in the rough

I believe I’m intellectual, compassionate, caring

I’ve learned much of life at a younger age

Only to keep learning and then start sharing

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