The Beat

When I’m just listening to music

I hear the words, instruments, even the beat

It makes me want to get up, move around

Makes me want to dance and tap my feet

It brings the pleasure I’ve needed

Whenever I feel sad or just not in a good mood

I’m singing along to the music now

Shouting it out like I’m a rockstar dude

I understand the taste in music I like

And what I believe sounds the best

By listening to the lyrics and how the beat goes

I can figure out the rest

If it’s something I take more interest in

Or if it just doesn’t sound great

I’ve first got to give it a try and hear the music

It’s never too early or never too late

To hear the music I didn’t think I would hear

It’s always nice to explore, do something new

Learn about music from the past or present

I’ve certainly learned the power of music too

How it can be an inspiration and motivation

To just better myself and always be kind

Because there should be nothing but love

Forget the hate and have love on your mind

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