Keep The Faith

I was told to “Keep the Faith” in dark times

Because there are people who’ve shown

That you need faith in humanity

From who though, I’d say it’s unknown

But those who look for the brightest light

Gain the faith and have more hope

As they’ve gained it, your dark times will go

And then you can begin to cope

Finally looking brighter for your future

No more worries about your past

Living for today and then tomorrow

Time is of the essence so make it last

Understand that you will be fine

Just keep the faith, have hope, and stay strong

We’re all battling some things in life

And that is certainly not wrong

Because if we say we have it great

Then you must certainly be lying

We’re not perfect, we’re different in some ways

We have to just keep trying

Trying to better ourselves and for our world

We have to keep the faith in tact

Future generations will carry it on

I can say that it is a fact

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