Sweet Dreams

Its late in the evening and I need to go to sleep

Beginning to close my eyes, I start to wander

These thoughts rush through my head

They’re all over the place and make me ponder

On how do I have these thoughts on my mind?

I don’t know but I usually have sweet dreams

Pleasant romance, Adventures of a lifetime

That’s what I think of a “sweet dream” it seems

I have these dreams where they’re so real

It seemed like it happens, but then I wake up

Doesn’t mean I should be depressed

I need to live my life and fill up my cup

Be happy with who I am as I’ve come so far

I have much more to go and I’m not done yet

Seems as though I’m just in my prime

I’m going to obtain whatever I can get

Whether it’s something I’ve wanted or need

It should end with a goodnight’s sleep

Because I work hard during my days

And as I’m alone, I feel I’ve earned my keep

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