I Feel So Alone

In all honesty, I feel so alone
I feel like it’s everyone then me
I’m quiet, shy, and truly nice
But loneliness is all you see

You may see me smile at times
I try to be happy and always kind
Treat everyone I see with respect
But I could be sad within my mind

The thoughts within me are deep
They can certainly change
Could be days, months, years
It’s quite a wide range

But if someone asked “You okay?”
I could honestly say “No I’m not”
And then tell them my reason why
I’d like to be put in that spot

It would make me vent out myself
Emotionally holding in that pain
I’ve kept back for so long
I don’t know what I tried to gain

By just keeping it to myself
That’s not how it ought to go
But if I’m ever feeling like this
Then I need to let someone know

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