Honestly, I believe I’m romantic
But I just can’t find her
Is it me? Am I not good enough?
I don’t know and I’m unsure

I feel so lonely all the time
No woman, No cry! That’s a lie
I cry because I can be depressed
But all I do in life is try

I try to be the best and be myself
But do women see anything in me?
Sometimes I feel like I’m nothing
And nobody will ever want to see

What potential I could bring
The happiness and care is there
The kindness and love will show
That I’m not going anywhere

I’m much different than most men
I believe in love at first sight
But would they be committed?
Would you be there day and night?

I’d want to show you the real me
Committed, loyal, never cheat
Positive, humble, and available
Standing tall and firm on two feet

Could I possibly find that woman?
Absolutely! Hope for the best
Faith will guide you to her
You’ll find her out of the rest

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