I Lost An Opportunity

There are moments we have in life
Where we’re with a special someone
They bring out the best in you
Always happy and it has just begun

You go out on dinner dates
Drives on the road, movies in bed
Cuddling and snuggling for warmth
Everything’s positive in my head

Then we’re not talking anymore
I stay busy with my life
You end up with someone else
Like stabbing me with a knife

I felt I lost an opporunity
Was it me? What did I do?
How come when I talk with someone
I just end up being alone too?

She really made me happy
Made my days go by
Now that we’re no longer anything
I guess all I can say is “Goodbye”

I know who I am as a man
Respectful, Polite, Kind, Caring
I want the best out of my woman
Give her all the love if daring

We’ll move on with our lives
Just know I had feelings for you
I know how to treat a woman right
But you couldn’t even see that too

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